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Textbook in PDF format

This book serves as a single-source reference to the latest advances in Approximate Computing (AxC), a promising technique for increasing performance or reducing the cost and power consumption of a computing system. The authors discuss the different AxC design and validation techniques, and their integration. They also describe real AxC applications, spanning from mobile to high performance computing and also safety-critical applications.
Provides a single-source reference to the state-of-the art of approximate computing (AxC)
Presents a global picture of the approximate computing paradigm, at various levels of abstraction
Discusses real AxC applications, such as Approximate Computing for IoT, high performance computing and safety-critical applications.
Front Matter
General Introduction
Techniques for Approximate Computing
Customizing Number Representation and Precision
Hardware Level Approximations
Inexact Arithmetic Operators
Approximate Computing at the Algorithmic Level
Methods and Tools for Approximate Computing
Analysis of the Impact of Approximate Computing on the Application Quality
Accuracy-Aware Compilers
Design Space Exploration Tools
Wordlength Optimization of Fixed-Point Algorithms
Approximate Computing Applied to Real-Life Applications
Front Matter
Exploiting Approximations in Real-Time Scheduling
Security in an Approximated World New Threats and Opportunities in the Approximate Computing Paradigm
Design, Verification, Test, and In-Field Implications of Approximate Digital Integrated Circuits
Approximate Computing for Fault Tolerance Mechanisms for Safety-Critical Applications
Approximate Computing for Scientific Applications
Approximations in Deep Learning
Back Matter

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